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Why Crossfit


The Benefits

If we step back and look at the tasks of daily life, what do we see? We see a lot of picking things up from the ground, putting things overhead, walking up stairs, getting up from either the ground or a chair. If we throw time into the equation we see these movements become harder and harder, why is this? As we grow older the skills paired with our youth; strength, balance, coordination, speed, endurance, etc, grow old with us. CrossFit incorporates all of these youthful skills in its programming, either blowing the dust off of our pre-existing skills or keeping our current ones in practice. Nothing is scarier than the test of time, and CrossFit makes sure that our bodies keep moving and moving well for as long as possible.

“A firm tree does not fear the storm”
– Dayak

The Inclusivity

Time isn’t reversible, but you can help your body resist time no matter what your fitness level or even age is. Not only CrossFit, but exercise in general, helps the body fight the effects of aging. The wonderful thing about CrossFit is that our coaches can scale any movement down to whatever it is that your body needs. By doing this we insure that you get a great and safe workout that inches you closer to your fitness goals.

Terms to Familiarize you with Crossfit

WOD – Workout Of The Day This is the general term for the prescribed workout of that particular day.
AMRAP – As Many Rounds and Reps As Possible A type of format for a workout. You are given a certain amount of time to complete as many rounds and reps as possible, and that number will be your score for that workout.
EMOM – Every Minute On the Minute A type of workout format where you are given a specific exercise to perform on the minute mark.
Oly Lifting A slang term used to describe the olympic weightlifting movements, the snatch and the clean & jerk.
The Snatch An olympic style movement of taking a weight from the ground to directly overhead.
The Clean & Jerk An olympic style movement of taking weight from the ground to the shoulders, and then to overhead.
T2B – Toes to Bar An exercise that includes hanging on a pull up bar and raising your toes to touch said pull up bar.
OHS – Overhead Squat An exercise, commonly associated with the snatch, of holding weight over your head and squatting with it.
S2OH – Shoulder to Overhead An exercise that requires the pressing of weight form the shoulders to over the head.
KB / DB – Kettlebell & Dumbbell A kettlebell is a weighted object with a bell like appearance; rounded bottom with a handle at the top. Dumbbells are a single handle weight with the weight distributed at both ends of the handle.
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